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Lord Sugar
you are right and that is ok. but a person who earns over £100k under might end up with just 30K i.e. 70% tax . No incentive to work or prosper, no future managers no future company successes. = no employment of others
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Dan Jermy 22 Apr 19
How can 70% tax be justified? That's an absurd amount.
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Ian Phillips 22 Apr 19
Well he just made it up
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Ed Poole 22 Apr 19
Do nurses do it for the money? Or teachers? Or social workers? Or stay at home parents? The world is filled with people who work harder than many of us will ever know for little financial reward. It's not just about money
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Lynnie1 #staysafe 🌹👊 22 Apr 19
Mr Sugar has stated previously that we're all losers because we care. We also know that he's either deliberately, or more likely stupidly, misinterpreted how income tax works.
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thingiverse guillotine schematics 22 Apr 19
If this is how you think income tax works then your accountant is taking you to the cleaners mate
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CuttersChoiceRadio 23 Apr 19
He knows how it works, he just thinks we dont...
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Red North 22 Apr 19
The Sugar Doctrine Pay the rich more to incentivise them to work Pay the poor less to incentivise them to work
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Putin56 23 Apr 19
Sugar is one good reason to get rid of all this outdated titled crap and also the House of Lords
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Nicola 🌹 22 Apr 19
Oh. My. We already know grammar isn't one of your strengths & you're not in the least bit articulate, but I did think that, along with business acumen, came basic Maths. You don't have to be an accountant to know that someone earning £100,000 isn't going to be paying 70% tax 🙄
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Andrew Lavoipierre 22 Apr 19
I wouldn't mind having bad grammar if I was a self made billionaire who incidentally has paid 100's of millions of £'s in personal and corporation tax over the years. What impact do you think it would have on tax receipts if 10 Lord Sugars left the country???
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