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Elizabeth Harrington
Whether he realizes it or not, Andrew Weissmann just admitted what we always knew: The purpose of the Mueller investigation was "trying to get rid of" President Trump and laying a perjury trap The President didn't fall for it, and the truth WON
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Moodle Soup Feb 6
Replying to @LizRNC
"Is he willing to try to prove his innocence?" That is not the way this works. He is not obligated to answer their questions UNLESS they get a subpoena, and they refused to go to the courts to try to secure one.
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Cheryl Feb 6
Replying to @MooChirp @LizRNC
Thank you
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VK2 Feb 6
👆👆this is something
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Jared A. Chambers 🇺🇸 Feb 6
It's not something if no one punishes Weissman... And they're not going to. Trump outplayed him. And that's good. Now everyone just goes to their preferred cable network to spin, and eventually run the same plays again on the next outsider who tries.
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American Citizen & Taxpayer Feb 6
Replying to @LizRNC @seanmdav
So he would like Trump to submit to the same treatment they gave Mike Flynn, who they then destroyed after changing the assessment of his testimony to claim he committed perjury? Weissman should be taken off that set in cuffs for his crimes.
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❌Joe FreedomLover❌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Feb 6
Replying to @LizRNC @SidneyPowell1
Just another slick shister lawyer. Whatever he says is equally applicable to the Bidens. They didn’t submit to a legal type interview about their scandals involving Ukraine and Red China money making deals. This guy was reprimanded 9-0 by SCOTUS for unethical attorney actions.
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Robert Drazen Feb 7
Looking forward to the day when Sidney Powell takes his deposition and puts him on the stand. “What did you know about credibility of the FISA warrants?”
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Mike Beacham Feb 6
Replying to @LizRNC @tracybeanz
The Democrats are liars and cons and are now the greatest to all American Citizens. America has no choice now... > in 2020 and beyond.
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