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Liz McInnes MP
Today I have written to Foreign Secretary to ask what representation he has made to the Indian Government regarding their unilateral decision to abolish ’s special status, and what discussions he has had with the UN over this increasingly volatile situation.
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Lynn Booth #VoteLabour Aug 7
He’s on a ‘jolly’ in Canada - doubt he even knows/understands India/Kashmir. The man is useless
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کشمیر Aug 9
Any results?? We are yearning to listen back from our families... Last spoken to them 6days ago...
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Mr Hague, aka The Heckler. (DCM). Aug 6
The same amount of effort as they put into, America giving away the Golan Hights that didn't belong to them to Israel.
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Madoc Roberts Aug 6
I would imagine he hasn't given it a moments thought.
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ForUnitedIndia Aug 9
Kashmir vs India is like Northern Ireland for Britain.
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Adams Farm Home Aug 31
Excellent and timely letter. Have you received any kind of response? It is important to not let go of this issue. I ask you to keep the pressure on at all levels to ensure immediate action to improve the current situation, and to implement permanent and peaceful solution.
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Saffron Stalin 🕉️ Oct 14
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Quoted Replies Oct 14
Replying to @rajacha49915168
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