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Lis Smith
South Bend NAACP’s Rev. Patton on : “He has taken steps to draw our community together...He's brought community leaders together, our chief of police, as well others to the table to bring some calm to the storm...he’s done a phenomenal job.”
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Lis Smith Jun 21
Replying to @Lis_Smith
"He really understands how serious this is [...] I know our mayor to be a person of compassion...He has led our community, South Bend, well, and I believe-- I have full confidence that he could lead our nation as well."
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Shawna Jun 21
Nice to see the local reverend endorse Mayor Pete. He was right to mention this is a broader issue all around the country, not just in Indiana. I hope to see more endorsements like this from the people of South Bend and Indiana. I know they’re out there.
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Laurie Jun 21
It upsets me that he was even asked about an endorsement. That was disrespectful and very ill mannered. Brooke should go to Fox where her lack of professionalism would be rewarded
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Order of the Coif Jun 21
From the Reverend, definitely. But Brook Baldwin's interview questions were tendentious, aggressive and tacky (for example, demanding to know whether the Rev is endorsing Buttigieg). The Reverend responded calmly and clearly to her breathless, loaded questions, kudos to him
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slippery slope Jun 22
I watched the ENTIRE 90 min vid of protest/march. Mayor Pete is being examined on a few clips taken out, amounting to abt 1 min of exchange. This is our election strategy now- base everything on soundbites and then wonder why everything is terrible.
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SimplyCarlos Jun 21
He needs to stop looking so surprised at the anger of the black community there. At that march confronting protestors he looked like a deer in the headlights and less so a mayor much less a presidential candidate.
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Barbara Ford Jun 22
Wrong he listens, he acknowledges and explains! He is truthful and would make a great President! He is also putting his being Mayor above Presidential Campaign ! Pete for President!😍🥰😻
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Dale Jennings Jun 21
What an amazing person
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Michael Patrick Jun 22
At this point it’s not about votes it’s about justice. Seems is focused on that.
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