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Lila Rose
I’ll be on with TONIGHT in the 8 p.m. ET hour to talk about the suppression of pro-life speech online and the Trump administration’s proposed cut to Planned Parenthood’s Title X taxpayer funding. Make sure to tune in!
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Tootsie 🐾 18 May 18
Won’t miss it!!
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Mike Paulson 18 May 18
Good to hear the truth!
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Joni Isaac 18 May 18
Good job! I work at a pregnancy resource ctr....thanks for putting the facts out there . Keep up your good work!
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Steve FitzGerald 18 May 18
Great spot on Tucker tonight. Thankful for a sane voice in CA
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Patrick 19 May 18
Great job on last night
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Halten Den Glauben 20 May 18
Lila, I watched your presentation which lauded the positive effects of the decision to defund organizations who cannot separate genuine health services from ! PP can't because it won't or doesn't really provide health services.
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Pete Phillips 18 May 18
Looking forward to it, Lila
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AnnaB 18 May 18
Won’t miss it. God bless you
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Matt Corvin 18 May 18
Lying Lila strikes again. She engages in the same online suppression of speech, as she's defines it, as the ones she complains about. She blocks pro-choice posters on her Facebook pages.
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Pawky 18 May 18
Wow, you are great. Is it possible you can post a link or somehow write what you said today on Tucker so it can be shared?
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