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Vermont Law School May 29
Congratulations to and the eLawyering class! Their work on legal apps was published in a special edition of the Computational Law Review. Thanks also to Thomas Officer LLM'12 for working with the class.
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Duke Center on Law & Tech May 28
2020 Women of Legal Tech: Will you help spread the word about applications for the Duke Law Tech Lab accelerator? We're looking for founders of A2J legal tech companies and applications are due Monday, June 1!
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LegalTechLIVE May 28
Exciting interviews coming up in June! 6/4: Executive Director of all about her use of tech in . 6/11: Returning guest of will be giving us an update on her startup!
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Cat Moon May 27
No excuse to NOT automate data collection and document automation. In 2020, we have tools that make this easy. For any and all. I predict it will become an ethical obligation.
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Join us tonight for a virtual meet-up of to discuss the future of document automation for law firms. Tonight @ 5:30 pm CT All are welcome! Sign up here:
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Lawfecta May 26
Check out the Lawfecta newsletter for the month of May 2020! Find resources on , , and
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Cat Moon May 20
Join on Wednesday, May 27th @ 5:30 pm CT to learn all about document automation with of Our first virtual hangout of the pandemic! Info and registration link here:
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Lori Gonzalez May 20
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Replying to @LawyerCommunity
PS - We couldn't agree more. That's why we built workbases:
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Sage words from on why document automation tech should focus on data, not docs:
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We'd love to learn more about your project and share it with our community of builders. How about adding your insight as one of our case studies?
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Diego Alcala May 19
I'm working on automating some forms in Puerto Rico, which can now (COVID-19) be filled via email. I'd love to share my progress with the community someday soon!
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Ready to build your own client portal? Get started with this guide:
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Ready to start building? Schedule a call with our team:
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Want to test client portals out yourself? You can create a dummy account here:
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With , your firm can build the client portal of your dreams in a single day: document automations, data sharing, integrations w/ LawPay, HelloSign, Clio, etc. Actually, that's a lie. 😜 This portal only took us an hour to build 👇
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Replying to @RyanWFinn
Love this thread! This is exactly why we built -- to help legal pros turn their knowledge into delightful online experiences. We'd love to chat:
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👏 Bravo to Utah's court system. 👏 And to any legal professionals out there thinking about building something COVID-related for the sandbox: we'll donate a years worth of access to our app builder. Respond here or email us at hello at community dot lawyer with your interest.
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Mwago May 13
I don't think people quite understand how powerful CL is. They have a rich feature set which basically means you can develop anything on their no-code builder. They also have a support-friendly team which to me, is the killer feature of them all.
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Great write up of low code / no code legal tech by on 's blog:
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