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Lauren Southern
Thank you for inviting me to speak at the EU today. Important conversation on free speech and UK priorities.
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Jack Thompson 14 Mar 18
As a Brit I cannot stand how twisted our government is and the state is failing our people, thousands of years of English/British culture and history will be undone in a matter of decades!!
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DutchAqua XXII 💙 14 Mar 18
Wait is she only 22 years old? 😱 She is a force to be recon with thats for sure.
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Jenna Sharpe 👸 🇬🇧 15 Mar 18
The British government should make a formal apology to and for the way they were treated
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Otto English 14 Mar 18
Do none of you have an irony alarm? Are you all genuinely this thick? It's hilarious.
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The Cacodemon 14 Mar 18
Wow you got to speak at the EU? The UK barred you and the EU let you in?
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Icarus 14 Mar 18
Well said Lauren. This is important. This doesn't end well. I worry that this ends in bloodshed.
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Kamurablade 15 Mar 18
So thrilled to watch this speech in front of those EU members. So glad You have so much support. What has been done to you is just mind-boggling. You being banned from the UK due to blasphemy... it's like we're living under the Ottoman Empire and not the 21st century.
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