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Let's Talk Anya Corazón ❤
So apparently in Anya's mom is alive and her name is Maria? 🤨 Ooookay

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not sofi♥️ Sep 21
Replying to @LT_Aranya
since when do latinamerican women take their husband's last names when they get married lmao
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paint_boi Sep 22
Replying to @LT_Aranya
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Spdrgrl Sep 22
Yea.... (。ノω\。) You had one job msm.... I was honestly hoping to see her dad at some point, interacting with Gwen's dad since they're both cops but no. I mean, I guess this works as a great role model for Anya to follow in the msm universe??? 🤔 But still, it's weird 😅
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