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LM Sacasas
On the progress, prediction, and promise ... the alliteration was not intentional, sorry. It's part of a talk on how we think about the future and, borrowing a line from Auden, assume responsibility for time.
An older optimism about progress gives way the urge to predict the future, and both share a common trait—the refusal to accept responsibility for time. One mode of accepting responsibility for time...
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LM Sacasas Apr 15
Replying to @Aelkus
Good stuff. Wish I had seen this before I posted.
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Andy Crouch Apr 14
Replying to @LMSacasas
This is really good. And I’m all for alliteration. :) Thank you.
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LM Sacasas Apr 14
Replying to @ahc
Glad to read that, thank you for reading.
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