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Joseph Dougherty
Shooting 414, the winter premiere, with in the director's chair, and having a grand time.
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โ€ู‹ 18 Jul 13
EZRIA CABIN SEX. Yes, we know it's happening. Feel free to take pictures.
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Cam ๐Ÿฆ‹ 18 Jul 13
right now? Like RIGHT now? It's like 10pm. And didn't y'all start early this morning?
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Nฤ…ลงฤ…liฤ…  ๐Ÿ’‹ 18 Jul 13
i want picturessss
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cady 18 Jul 13
can't wait to see it :)
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tre 18 Jul 13
You guys are already staring to film the winter episodes of PLL? Don't the girls deserve a break?
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Elliott Nutter 18 Jul 13
Replying to @Kockenlocker
that's quick, did you guys only have the table read two days ago? My days seem to be going super fast & slow at the same time!
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