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Manveer Heir Jan 11
Frostbite is easily the worst, shittiest, most pain in the ass engine I've ever used in my career, and I shipped Wolfenstein off the Doom 3 tech which was šŸ˜¬
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Manveer Heir
The exact same game design in Unreal vs. Frostbite will take dozens more engineers, money, and time on FB because of the way its architected and how far behind it is from Unreal (unless you are making BF). There is a reason I chose Unreal Engine 4 as my engine for my next project
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Ludovic Chabant šŸ”œāœˆļø GDC Jan 11
Replying to @KingCurryThundr
Hold on to that UE4 build because all the old-school FB engineers are going to Unreal these days šŸ˜…šŸ˜‚
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