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Kim Zetter
Sanger's description of what he says Mandiant did vs. what Mandiant says it did. Sanger implies he saw videos of Chinese hackers wearing leather jackets and undershirts - that's not in video Mandiant published. Are there other videos? Did Sanger misinterpret? So many questions.
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daveaitel Jun 25
Replying to @KimZetter
The whole book is a [CITATION NEEDED]
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Silas Cutler (aka p1nk) Jun 25
Replying to @daveaitel @KimZetter
Mandiant referenced video:
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Angelo Vescio Jun 25
They just need to admit that everything they say is a "do as I say not as I do" and I'll be happy. Oh, and they should admit that the original APT1 report on which they base a whole lot of business was pretty much stolen from other orgs like the AFCERT.
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Mayor Degtyarev Jun 26
Replying to @KimZetter @4Dgifts
...vídeos de hackers chinos en chaquetas de cuero y remera...vaya look para picar código...
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