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Killer Instinct
That's right, KI is coming to Steam later this year! Thanks to for helping us break the news. More details to follow.
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The Maxx | Play Power Rangers: BFTG 17 Jun 17
That's so Godlike! I can't wait to finally play KI with my PS4 controller!
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The boy who cried "NYEH!" 17 Jun 17
Any chance we'll get KI 1 and 2 on PC?
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Mario U Comics 🎮 17 Jun 17
I also want an arcade perfect KI 1 and 2 on steam
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N1ghtslash and 576 others 17 Jun 17
Was hoping for a KI2 announcement but this definitely works too
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Red Arremer #BLM #ACAB 17 Jun 17
I love you guys!
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Nicolás Jordán 17 Jun 17
Will it still have crossplay with XB1 and W10 owners?
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travis freeman 17 Jun 17
Yes it needs to, to be viable and have a stronger community.
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Sergio 17 Jun 17
do we have to buy it again?
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ColdVergil α & Ω 17 Jun 17
That is amazing. I have always wanted to try this game but hated Win 10. Sweet!
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Gailim 17 Jun 17
will it have better controller support than the Windows store version? I literally can't play KI on PC
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Jagotron 17 Jun 17
Take notes from ,added support for almost all fightsticks that peopleAsked for And you can plug and unplug anytime and it works
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