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Anna Brees Nov 9
This is not strong enough evidence at all. You would need a Whistleblower with significant responsibility & authority who has been involved in the fraud of tens of thousands of votes. I still have not seen that evidence.
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WeAreEverywhere Nov 9
Replying to @BreesAnna
Alone maybe not but cumulative with the other evidence it’s definitely enough.
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Kevin Smith
I would say say. It's justification for an investigation. I've seen huge scandals emerge because people dismissed bits of evidence, appointing themselves as early on experts. Sex scandals in particular.
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Kevin Smith Nov 9
There is no difference in terms of how you assess evidence. You can't reach a conclusion at this stage. Don't dismiss and don't say evidence compelling. Early days. Too many jumping the gun.
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Phil Nov 9
This is alleged voter fraud not sex scandals and there is nothing that warrant further investigation, even republicans have said they don't see anything unusual.
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