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Ken Rosenthal
Sources confirm: Carlos Beltran is the ‘ choice to be their new manager. First reported: and .
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Sid Rosenberg Nov 1
Thanks for the credit Ken!
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Joe Solimeno Nov 1
Sid, gave you credit on ESPN radio Referred to you as "a friend of ours"
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nickytapas Nov 1
Actually it was scooped by and
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Eric Gallion Nov 1
I love it absolutely love it. One of best minds in baseball
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Decent Seats Nov 1
How do you know? Ever hear him speak? I haven’t.
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Unofficial Brooks Pounders Fanclub 🇵🇷 Nov 1
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Alexander Emmett Nov 1
Why does this make me feel old
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Philbert Sheets Nov 1
I know. As a baseball fan, this would be cool. But not sure how he’ll do as their manager.
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Mets In A Minute Nov 1
If someone told you they could have ever pictured Beltran as manager of the Mets they were lying. As for the manager he will be? No one knows, time will tell. Beltran garners a ton of respect and we know he won’t be afraid to be tough on his guys.
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Georg Lukacs Nov 1
I honestly never pictured a lot of the current class as managers ... Aaron Boone, Dave Martinez, Rocco Baldelli
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