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Keisha Lance Bottoms
Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker and all of our LGBTQ friends are always welcome at Atlanta City Hall. How about we host your next story hour? —let’s make it happen! 🌈
Steven Igarashi-Ball, who performs under Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker, had his drag queen story time event canceled at Fulton's Alpharetta library.
AJC AJC @ajc
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Lex Luthor 8 Apr 19
That happens in phase 2.... The drag queens finish reading stories, then gear up in unmarked patrol cars to patrol the streets. I'm told it will be "FABULOUS!"
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Keysha Lee TV 5 Apr 19
Canceled for lack of interest or other reasons? Because other branches like Ponce have hosted the same event.
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kat likes nice people 8 Apr 19
It was cancelled without reason by 2 Fulton County Commissioners. Private citizens are making it happen.
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Cynthia Toler 5 Apr 19
I don't care what people do in their private lives but our young people see too much already! Don't push views on kids, they will see things eventually as they continue to live.
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Daria Morgendorffer 5 Apr 19
Replying to @8sisters
Being LGBTQ is not a view though.
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BaldwinLewis 5 Apr 19
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TMOE 6 Apr 19
This is just sad.
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Meredith C. Moore 6 Apr 19
Come on, . We are better than this.
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JJC 6 Apr 19
Agreed anyone should be welcome at city hall but not everyone should be influencing children. Losing my support over this political stunt.
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Heat and Humidity 6 Apr 19
As mayor, it’s her job to serve ALL people. You see it as a political stunt and I see it as he’s using her position to stop hatred and discrimination.
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