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Victoria Barrett Jan 19
Former poor kids: what are some things you have in your house that you *never* had as a kid, things your not-poor friends would never consider luxuries?
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Kayla Ancrum
Heat. My dad has an iron grip on that thermostat. The first thing I did my first winter after moving out was turn the thermostat over 80 degrees. My bill was high at the end of the season but that shit was WORTH IT.
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YaGirlMegs Jan 20
That is SO WARM. My mom kept our thermostat at 58 degrees at night and 60 degrees during the day IN CANADIAN WINTER. I'm not at all traumatized by being frozen for half of my formative years... heh.
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Julia Kilcoyne Jan 20
So much this. I did not grow up poor, but my mom did. 55 was max in NH winters in an old uninsulated house. On Saturday morning it got turned up to 60 as a treat. Frost on the insides of my bedroom windows.
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mallory, alice & bob Jan 21
oei, our car wasn't much but it had a monster of an air conditioner and could turn the inside to pure winter, and my mom did that Every Ride. We had that thing more than 12 years... To this day I never use car airco and hate building airco.
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Connie Rae Davis Jan 23
Yeah we had no hot water over a winter... but we were able to boil it. I can say, every time I take a hot shower now I am thankful for the innovation. 😂
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