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Katie Pavlich
Terrifying. When will and condemn the attacks, specifically this one on an apartment complex and a 70-year-old woman?
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Jess Oct 9
Replying to @KatiePavlich
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Salamandyr Oct 9
They won't. They won't even acknowledge it
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Ocitman Oct 9
if they condemn the attacks, then it will be the headline in every newspaper, and they cant have themselves being the news.
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Ernesto Ronin Oct 9
Ideas break windows now it seems
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Jack Merridew Oct 9
After the election, obviously
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Bobbie Burnett Oct 9
When will they condemn these acts? Trump has condemned white supremacy and all it's components many many times and somehow John Roberts just doesn't get it. Sorry. I know he's a colleague of yours, but did he want Trump to appear at the briefing that second and say it again?
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Sandy Faye Mauck Oct 9
I was going to retweet on the main feed. Said it was removed. Suggested I go somewhere else!
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Layne Wagster Oct 9
IDK. When will Trump condemn...well...anything. The kidnapping plot in Michigan would be a good start.
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Layne Wagster Oct 10
Trump supporters are always so nice...
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Beth Jones Oct 9
This video needs to be shared so people know what is happening.
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