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Kaitlin Bennett
Two months ago kicked me out of his public rally for being a conservative journalist. Today I asked him why, and his campaign staff put their hands all over me. Bernie hates the free press and this is proof.
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TommyJoe Ratliff Jun 8
I saw the video. You were just sitting in the audience and the made you leave before it even started.
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Mitla96 Jun 8
Tommy, as was explained to her at the time, It was a private meeting. Kaitlin is a wannabe and that security guard was remarkably patient with her.
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thomas violence Jun 8
arent you the gun girl that shat her pants that one time
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One Other Jun 8
One time?
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Cody Johnston Jun 9
Classic journalist stuff, ma'am.
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Le Sigh Jun 9
Ya know, you can easily guess what's actually going on. Everytime she says "conservative" replace that with annoying. I'd say that's more accurate.
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#ProudTJRArmy Jun 8
I'm so sorry that happened to you. Those people claim to be all loving but they just ignored you. Like they say, actions speak louder than words.
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Tania Lynne Jun 8
He shook her hand like he did everyone else who came up to him. She wasnt ignored. She just wasnt permitted to keep going after him. Thats why he had bodyguards.
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Noratorious Jun 8
Kaitlin the "journalist"
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🌹🌻RapeOCrats R Cancelled🌻🌹 Jun 9
Stewie going - Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Ma Ma Ma Ma Lol You get my point.
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