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On Takahashi (高橋温) 27 Aug 19
【拡散希望】 漫画家の皆様 App StoreでMANGA ROCK というアプリがあります。アップル社がストアに載せているぐらいなので、公式な漫画アプリかと思うかもしれませんが、完全に「違法アグリゲーターサイト」です。 何百人もの日本人漫画家の作品をアップロードし、広告収入を得ています。
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Kai Kyou
Apparently, Manga Rock had been going around to offer scanlators to work for them for $5/chapter (more info here, I got this from my friend: ) We may use this to urge App Store to take down Manga Rock app.
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On Takahashi (高橋温) 28 Aug 19
Replying to @KaiKyou090
Oh wow, thank you very much for this. This is very concerning... Especially the "donation" part. Because at the moment the "hate" lies on MR and not scan groups. But if they are indeed also making money from this, the artists' anger will lead to scan groups as well.
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Kai Kyou 28 Aug 19
Replying to @OnTakahashi
Imo, MR dodges App Store's or CH Play's ban hammer by hosting scanlation (which falls under Fair Use) only on their app. This way, normal users with no copyright over the series can't really report them, only the JP Publishers can. But JP IPs are blocked by MR to prevent this lol
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