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Oyaji-G Dec 7
"SNK never answers my questions about Samsho on PC" well ... they do, kind of? 2 days ago on livestream
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I've made multiple announcements about it :( It's in the works. There will be a pc release. Please await further announcements concerning the time frame
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Replying to @orochinagicom
Stay tuned dood :D Some real big surprises on the way
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Real big? Our girl Iroha confirmed
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COCO (Use My Voice 🎵) Dec 7
Krispy will there be more people from SNK Heroines? 🙈 I wanted to do a question but couldn’t do it in time 😩
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Bayu A. Dec 7
they answer that question on that stream too .btw
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Professor Icepick Dec 7
That's fair. It's just a little scary considering it's out on Stadia... and we haven't heard any actual information regarding a Steam release for quite some time.
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KaptenKladdkaka Dec 8
That's all I needed to hear
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Jay-Fu Dec 8
. Samsho season 2 characters? How many? Please. Please. I need cham cham. Iroha. Princess suzu. Rasetsumaru and gen-an. C'mon give us gen-an. Gen-an for president 2020
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Professor Icepick Dec 8
I would like to second that we need Cham Cham and Gen-An.
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マイロン Dec 9
here is litle me wishing for crossplay, cause the chance of having a pc player base after such delay is pretty slim.
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『Beardy』 Dec 9
Unless it comes out content parity as the console versions, (And maybe crossplay) it's too little too late. It's a joke that Stadia and Switch got SamSho before PC, when PC was announced alongside the PS4 version on reveal.
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