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Kelly Hancock
No, and do not share the same party affiliation. But, they do share the same desire to see Texas regain it's economic strength. We need more of this and less political positioning during this time.
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Kelly Hancock Apr 29
So, I’m not up for election if your assumption was incorrectly pointed my direction. Sorry, maybe you really don’t know who’s up.
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Chris Putnam Apr 29
And don’t forget one of the true heroes of liberty and common sense in this entire sorry episode
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SimonBarSoros 🇺🇸 Apr 29
Hold up there Clark 😂
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Robert C Flores Apr 29
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Skippy McSkills Apr 29
Please personally reflect on the last sentence of this tweet.
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Greg Hart May 4
Let's start with the opening of the White House, Governor's Mansion, and the Capitol for public tours (with elected officials there). Politicians need to practice what they preach. If it's safe to open the economy, it's safe for public tours.
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