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Jean-Claude Juncker
.: I condemn in the strongest possible terms the tragic attack on the al-Rawdah mosque - a barbaric and cowardly act deliberately targeting peaceful and innocent people. can count on Europe's solidarity and support.
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Karl Womack(Blaze Burnstar) 24 Nov 17
just words.
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green 🌔🔺♌✡️🎗️🎗️🎗️📐🎷 24 Nov 17
Can you condemn also this, is in EU Barcelona , by your friend M. Rajoy youknow
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#ObjectiuIndependència 24 Nov 17
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luca85 24 Nov 17
Come on... Stop "condeming in the strongest possible term" and at least start putting sanctions on for its act in the region (including supporting , in etc...)
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सन्दीप वर्मा 24 Nov 17
दुखद है।
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Superika 24 Nov 17
, Policías y Guardias civiles solicitamos la equiparación salarial con las policías autonómicas
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Legolas Albus 24 Nov 17
Thank you for expressing the solidarity of the EU with the victims of this horrendous violence and with the Egyptian people in general. May reason, truth and peace prevail.
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MarcFS 24 Nov 17
You condemn? You should be condemn Mr drunker sorry Mr
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Sebastian Kowalski 24 Nov 17
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