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y’all love to twist everything 😭😭 i’m not getting emancipated because of my mom’s job.. it is because of years of childhood trauma and abuse
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Skye diver Aug 23
Replying to @claudiamconwayy
Oh I hope you succeed. And then they can close the check book. Stop paying for your phone. Toss the college fund. So exciting!
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ThE PhOnY EmOluMeNt cLaUsE Aug 23
American teens have been caring for themselves for centuries dude. She’ll be fine, unlike the past there are community resources out there, and at least she doesn’t have to lead a continental army like Washington did. I mean here in ga 15 years can get married and everything.
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Skye diver
Lol. i don't think Miss Claudia is lining up for soup kitchen and "community resources". She's on her way to rehab and psychiatrist.
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