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Judicial Watch ⚖️
“Right now, the FBI is still sitting on 8k pages of records on Strzok/Page emails. The FBI under Wray has taken the position that no text messages that Page/Strzok/McCabe sent out are subject to FOIA. The cover-up is continuing under Wray,” President .
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HeartlandForTrump May 6
Never forget: If Hillary won, the public would never have learned about the cabal and its criminality. It would have stayed secret forever. The plotters would have been rewarded and would be running our law enforcement and intel agencies right now. There MUST be consequences.
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Jean Poulin May 6
He needs to go.
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#Impeach46 #NotMyPresidentEver 🍌#ResistTheCoup🍌 May 6
They have this fantasy that if they 7th floor can run out the clock till Nov. they can bury their criminal past forever. Little do they know all they are doing is assuring a landslide.
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President-elect Chiladelphia May 6
We knew this was B*llsh!t in 2016. Nobody is going to be charged, nobody is going to prison. I don't even think anyone is going to be fined! This is Treason. Our entire "Justice System" is jacked up!!!
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Janice R Williamson May 7
Hes corrupt!
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william a redmon May 6
Get Wray emails then under foia
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Lawrence Bredeman May 6
Fire Wray Hire Flynn
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Dawn Ban May 6
Fire him..
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leonard reaves May 6
Interesting that the FBI will secretly record a phone conversation and then hold the parties responsible, but won’t hold their own people to the same level of accountability when it comes to text messages! Fire Chris Wray.
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