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.: “This is a constitutional nightmare, it’s an attack on the presidency and God bless President for being able to keep on doing his work.”
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FollowQRabbit🐇 Jan 6
Thank You Tom. I have never seen a President of the US. not be able to defend himself' this is a first for me. Drug Cartels have more rights & they'ed be here Illegally
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WiebeHoekstra Jan 6
It's part of his golfing too
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ahHellNo Jan 6
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Owl Man, Not A Fan Of The Con - Man. Jan 6
The Trump blessing .
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IDG Jan 6
May he lose his hair swallow his teeth and lose his self tanner.
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Pat Arbuthnot, Democrat Jan 6
His work-trying to start WWWIII is work. He made a big mistake and he’s scared
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rustypenny Jan 6
Can she not be charged with harrassment??? Or interference??? Something???
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Keith Blowers Jan 6
Yup working on his swing!
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