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Jeanine Pirro
. of the House Judiciary Committee joined me to discuss the endless barrage of nonsense from the Democrats - take a look:
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LastAct Dec 21
Resign Matt...
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Braylen's Dad Dec 21
BREAKING: New documents reveal that the Trump White House ordered the Pentagon to freeze Ukraine aid just 90 minutes after Trump's call to Zelensky ...we all know he's guilty
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Mary Adelsberger ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Dec 22
Replying to @BraylenNapier
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Kaylon McD Dec 22
It all about protecting Hillary Clinton
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Pro B Dec 21
Wow so much disinformation. I’m sick!
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Bruce Ness Dec 23
So are we! Of YOU!
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Mrs. Corie D. 🥁 🥁 🐝🐝 Dec 23
Demi they didn’t release the transcript. They release their summary of the transcript. They moved the verbatim transcript to a classified server so no one could see it. Why didn’t they release the whole thing?
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