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David Fahrenthold Nov 15
The search for a G-7 site started with 10 options. Secret service narrowed it down to 4. Then they were told to axe 2 and add a new finalist: ’s own Doral resort.
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Joyce Alene
Let write narrowly drawn articles of impeachment with bribery, abuse of office & obstruction, but they should add a crowd-sourced wild card article where we get to vote to include 1 heinous act by Trump. Forcing the G7 allies to pay him thru the Doral gets my vote
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Susan Krubl Nov 15
Great idea let Adam Schiff know would y?!?!?!
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Lawrence Lean Nov 15
300 days of golf at Trump Golf Courses
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Julie D. Cantor, MD JD Nov 16
This is grotesquely corrupt, but my wildcard vote might have to go for the steal the $2.8 million for the veterans by funneling it to his campaign. I mean, come on.
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Janet’s Scarf Nov 15
Oh Joyce there’s so much worse.
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Catnixidy Nov 15
Yes and.. yes!
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Mary Quite Contrary Nov 15
I need to think about it, although yours is good. Way too much to think through.
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Denise Lanzer-Lerma Nov 16
Ha! God forbid Americans think!
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Shawn Peirce Nov 15
Can we make the crowd-sourced choice be decided via Twitter poll, Joyce? Somehow, I only think that would be fitting.
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cleo loughlin 🐝🕶🐝 Nov 15
Great idea! 😺
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Diane P Nov 15
There is simply just too much. It's an overwhelming cf of a disaster...
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