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Joseph Duarte
One scout to me just now on LHP Seth Romero being kicked off team: “Kid is throwing money out the window."
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KD 10 May 17
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Bill Kelly 10 May 17
Very sad. I know there are issues around him but wish him well. Such a great talent.
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Medina Majic 10 May 17
Maybe so but pro teams dont really care too much about that stuff. May fall a bit but will still get drafted
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Brian Williams 10 May 17
He will get drafted high because LHP throwing in the 90's don't grow on trees, but damn he lost a lot of money
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Bishman 10 May 17
He should still get drafted but not a good look for him
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Jenna Fortenberry 10 May 17
Or maybe other people should keep their hands to themselves! I would have beat the other kid! But that's just me
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