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Amro 24 Jan 17
I have a responsive fast loading website, if I disable AMP, will this affect my rank? Thanks
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🍌 John 🍌
AMP isn't a ranking factor; if you decide to disable it, make sure to redirect appropriately.
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Mayra ValdΓ©s 29 Jan 17
where exactly do you need to redirect your AMP pages to? to the canonical version? will that work?
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Amro 6 Feb 17
can you please clarify what do you mean by "redirect probably"? Do you mean 302 AMP to canonical versions?
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Amro 26 Jan 17
Replying to @JohnMu @googlewmc
Thanks do you mean I should redirect AMP pages to their non AMPed version?
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LuigiFrankSinatra 26 Jan 17
if I disable AMP and setup redirects to the non-amp version, on the SERP I get a "not valid AMP" error page.
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Replying to @JohnMu @amro_d80 and 2 others
but having an AMP page vs desktop is ranked correct? Had KW lower on desktop but higher on amp.
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Brian Ussery 18 Aug 17
Replying to @DenverProphitJr
your site probably ranked higher on mobile amp or not
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