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Johann Jungwirth
Volkswagen, together with will show at a proof of concept how the trusted transfer of software over-the-air to vehicles can be securely documented using the . Great example how distributed ledger technology can be used in the future
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Franc Lukas 8 Jun 18
great one!
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michael metzmacher 8 Jun 18
IOTA STRONG ! Maybe the new Moia has a iota wallet ?
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madaki 8 Jun 18
Looking forward to visit the Volkswagen Booth at Cebit.
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Chris Mueller 8 Jun 18
wow, great! What about charging solutions in combination with a wallet for the car - is something like this possible already?
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Svein 9 Jun 18
Already done with iota. Can't be bothered to find the link, but the proof is out there.
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Wolf Warncke 9 Jun 18
Please JJ, just one Quest: What does "Ledger Technology" mean? - Must be something Special!? - Wolf
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Markus P. 9 Jun 18
It's a broader term for Blockchain Technology that includes DAGs, not just chains.
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Diogo 9 Jun 18
Looking forward to it!
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Mateusz Kowalczyk 9 Jun 18
That's great news but we are on the beginning of this road. To bring that technology to real use by the people we have to wait few years. Good news is we are in this project from begging and I don't even imagine how much it will be worth when people will use it every day
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