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Rep. Jim Jordan
It’s high time for transparency. The DOJ and FBI have continually and repeatedly thwarted congressional oversight. We’re asking to direct the Attorney General to give us the documents—because the American people deserve answers.
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Kurt Hockey🏒 16 May 18
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B. Martinez 16 May 18
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DivaK1961 16 May 18
I wonder how these people who seem to lie for a living can look their children on the eye and try to teach them to tell the truth. SAD👎😡
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Beastm0de- 16 May 18
Well done . Thanks for fighting for the American people
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Lauren Resister 16 May 18
The DOJ will not be extorted!
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Wendimyb #Resistance 16 May 18
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Linda Brickley 16 May 18
You "finished" your investigation. Get over it.
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Happy Chichester 16 May 18
Enjoy this story about our Republican President committing treason. It’s what Rep. Jordan is helping cover up on behalf of the , the GOP.
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NanaKelz 16 May 18
Typical GOP gaslighting attempt. JJ knows the law, he is aware of the process, and he is FULLY AWARE of the corruption he is either complicit in or involved with.
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