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Jillian Jorgensen
The mayor’s health department told New Yorkers late last night that we should all act as if we have been exposed to coronavirus. Late this morning, has been spotted at the gym.
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john Mar 16
Staten Island Facebook’s about to explode.
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NYC ghost🗽 Mar 16
Os this really true? Can I source the report of DeBlasio at the gym as confirmed by ? Thanks.
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Jillian Jorgensen Mar 16
I’m not at the Y, but a CNN reporter has shared pictures of the mayor’s security detail at the YMCA and says the mayor was there but would not answer if he worked out
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Eugene Mar 16
RT Epidemic of expensive failed government
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Liz MAGA LATINA 🇮🇹🇱🇷🇲🇽 Mar 16
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Tommy Ragusa Mar 16
Listen , the man just gets it! ..........p.o.s.
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Chris Newbury Mar 16
Motorcades count as social distancing, yes?
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lackeyleft Mar 16
Be like Cuomo...there are other ways to exercise. Maybe not start the Q&A of press conferences with questions like that anymore though. Especially when Army Core of Engineers needs to get building
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Unsocial Medium Mar 16
I usually defend him on keeping to his routine, but surely Gracie Mansion has room for a treadmill and a weight rack.
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Adriana Aviles Mar 16
good time to take the new office just got and turn it into his gym..just
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