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Jeff Passan
Teams are calling on Bud Norris, and the Astros are listening. Much of the interest depends on the cascade effect from Greinke signing.
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Sports Human 3 Dec 12
Reds should pick him up, only let him pitch against Cards
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Joel Parker 3 Dec 12
How long until he signs?
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Danny Farroll 3 Dec 12
The NL Central should just trade him back and forth for each Cardinals series.
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Matt 3 Dec 12
lots and lots of cascading
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Anthony Castrovince 3 Dec 12
"Cascade" effect, huh? Someone knows his Opryland lobbies.
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Jeff Passan 3 Dec 12
Good god almighty that wasn't intentional. Shoot me now.
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Which part of the hotel were you in when you tweeted that huh?
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Dan Galligan 3 Dec 12
Do the teams interested mostly hail from the NL Central? He turns into Cy Young when he toes the rubber against the Cards.
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H-Town 3 Dec 12
I think Bud Norris has closer written all over him.. I think he could be real good in that role.
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Keith Gressler 3 Dec 12
do not say toes the rubber, talk about how long "he" is or "he" is under the center.
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