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Javier Domínguez "Thalai"
Here we go! I am extremely happy to introduce to you all my Fervent Champion! Thanks for the preview and also huge thanks for making this possible. This card is staying with me forever :)
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Little Chandra, Knight of Autumn Sep 12
Espero que te regalen una oversized XXL para decorar en casa!
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Javier Domínguez "Thalai" Sep 12
Y yo!!
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Teferi Sep 11
Turno 1 esto, Turno 2 Stoneforge y pillas SOFAI/SOFAF, Turno 3 activas Stoneforge y le equipas la espada gratis? Suena bien
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Bibb Herrod Sep 11
I love how I know only a modicum of Spanish and I understand this tweet fully. I love MTG
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wobbles Sep 11
Originally I thought it was a sword you were holding, but on closer inspection:
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Bassim El-Wakil Sep 11
It’s the worlds trophy
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Gerry Thompson Sep 11
Yoooooooo this is so awesome! Congrats man!
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Pedro Carvalho Sep 11
You're truly a glorified Raging Goblin, so it seems legit They missed giving you an ability of eating Food tokens to pump yourself tho
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Justin Walker Sep 11
There's still a small chance that an equipment gets printed that has the Food subtype and equips for 3.
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Shahar Shenhar Sep 12
Yup, I’m jealous ♥️
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William Jensen Sep 12
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