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Jason Kander
What accomplished in this campaign made history, but it also changed a lot of futures for young people who wonder if there’s a place for them in public service. Proud of my friend.
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Huckleberry Ted Mar 1
just two great millennial Democrat vets being awesome.
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Flynn Fox 🦊🐝🍷 Mar 1
I’m so beyond devastated
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Jennifer Z Mar 1
I understand. But damn, he did it right.
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Linds 🐝 πŸ¦– Mar 1
As someone who has been deeply inspired by both you and Pete, thank you ❀️
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Chad Troutwine Mar 1
Great picture of the future POTUS (and Mayor Pete) at Village.
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Mask-Wearing Nomad Mar 1
Nice pic. I see a Secretary of Labor and a VA Secretary in a Biden administration
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GirlPowerDon'tQuit Mar 1
And how are you doing, sir? Peace to you and yours.
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MartSwee 😷 Mar 1
And I can’t wait to vote for him in the future.
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LMS Mar 1
That’s what you call putting the country before your personal ambitions. I look forward to much more from Pete the n the future. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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Heather Mar 1
My sons love him. I told them they'll be watching and listening to him for many years to come. But I'm still a little sad.
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