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James A. Gagliano
Shockingly cavalier take by Judge Sullivan to defense counsel on 9/10/19 re: FBI’s *lost* original Flynn interview 302: “[T]hings happen and documents are lost. I mean, it just happens.” Excused *misplacement* of seminal interview document? 🤔 h/t:
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Just Only John May 17
So dishonest James. Do better. All 302s and notes were later matched up so there was no missing one.
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James A. Gagliano May 17
That is inaccurate. The original FD-302 of the interview doesn’t exist. Peter Strzok was interviewed as to its contents, which were captured on a follow-up FD-302.
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Kingmaker - Big IF! (True) May 17
This cavalier remark by the judge is a thumb in the eye to the defendant and his counsel, who had been arguing that the FBI had edited the 302 to make it appear Flynn said something he hadn’t. In effect, the judge says lost 302s are SOP, so nothing to see here.
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New Westphalian May 17
That's a chain of evidence issue. No evidence, no charge. Wouldn't be allowed in any other setting.
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Freedom4all🇺🇸 May 18
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BoumtjeBoumtje ⭐️⭐️⭐️ May 17
Impossible the original Flynn 302 is "lost" due to the FBI Sentinel system used to track documents and evidence chain of custody ... literally impossible
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JabbarRight May 17
Sullivan has been hostile from the get-go. What he's doing now with this perjury bull is what he tried from the beginning. He tried to turn a one count, false statement charge with a probation recommendation...into treason. I knew then he's a member of the resistance. Eff him.
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kgs629 May 17
The corruption goes deep and wide
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Ted Pinkos May 17
I see you have the Fox talking points SMH
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F.A.X. Howard May 17
You are special. Never forget that.
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