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Jake Sherman
NEW — just sent a letter to her Democratic colleagues keying on last nights speech, in which he said he could win the presidency if it goes to the House. PELOSI is asking for members to try to win House state delegations. Unusual times.
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💔🕯🗽Cynnbad🗽 Sep 27
This is good. Now .
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Schoolhouse Rock Alum Sep 27
If the election goes to the House, this country will look like Belarus, possibly worse. Without question.
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Matt Clendineng Sep 27
No. That will happen if the House can’t reach a majority vote and there is no President.
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Chris Wright Sep 27
Way to go !!!!
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jratcliff63367 Sep 27
This is deeply discouraging to the average citizen. She is telegraphing that the vote itself will be illegitimate. We can't have that in the US.
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LambdaHard Sep 27
Trump's not a she.
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Bob Brussack 🇺🇸🇮🇪 Sep 27
I agree with her. It’s sufficiently likely to justify a strong effort to create Democratic majorities in the state delegations.
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LiberalYogi Sep 27
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Andrew Soukup Sep 27
Any idea which state delegations currently controlled by the GOP are most likely to flip to Democratic control next year?
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Jacquie Sep 27
Montana at the top. We have ONE seat, flip it and that’s a delegation into the D column. We have a great candidate
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