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Javad Zarif
. just admitted what we all knew: US troops in Syria to "have the oil” Also, that Russia, Syria, & Iran can fight ISIS, confessing, “Iran hates ISIS” But not only did US NOT fight ISIS, it cowardly murdered its #1 enemy—with ONLY Trump cronies & ISIS celebrating
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***ZahrA*** Feb 25
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اَنْگْری Feb 25
😛We resist
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David G Feb 25
As if you are there for love. You have your interests there too and its pretty much the same. Money and power. Don't play the saint here.
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`'` Feb 25
Don't play the saint here david !:d
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Mehrdad Torabi Feb 25
Just the US President boasting about stealing the oil of , a war crime. And no one even blinks. Now imagine the global outrage if Putin, Assad, Maduro or Rouhani was bragging about stealing the oil of another sovereign country over 6,000 miles away.
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ZANA #StayHome 〽️🔆 Feb 25
The US doesn’t steal oil cause its simply cant be transported via air, by keeping the oil he means having US companies be the ones extracting it. Anyway, oil can only be sold by US $ and that benefits the US. However, Iran and ISIS do steal the oil and sell it inthe black market.
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Kim Feb 25
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⚖Jamal Abdulrhman⚖ Feb 25
I think it is better for you to visit Iranian patients who die because of the Iranian government
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WarIsEverywhere Feb 25
Or probably because US sanctions on Iranian people instead of Iranian government
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