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Janez Janša
Didn’t watch yet, but after reading this - it’s obvious that won big 😀
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Bond007 Sep 30
More or less, it was like that: 😆
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Mondus Sep 30
He is going to win even bigger - IN PRISON!
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Tina S. Oct 1
I watched the presidential debate and not really a win situation for Mr. Trump.
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maxi jurif Sep 30
gargamel ne palamudi, sej se ve kok ingliš obvladaš"!!
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Enric Oct 19
Bwahaaahaa !! (translated it, but from the reference to Gargamel I assumed it would be funny) ;)
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SophieTBHonest Sep 30
Your “English and not english” is bad too!
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etiQQue Sep 30
Was not even close.
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Rudi Sep 30
Haven’t watched yet BTW
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Occultni Sep 30
is going to win, just like he won last elecrion more shout agenst him more people see who is bad and who is good guy here
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