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The VOLUM platform enables companies to run more transparent operations by being able to track, route, identify & source all their data in their supply chain.
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As per tokens will be distributed within this week.
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ANNOUNCEMENT: All tokens for the LATOKEN Airdrop campaigns have been sent to for distribution to qualified participants. Next distribution will be the Bounty0X participants. Thank you for participating and keep supporting us.
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We will be closing our IEO on and the sale will run from Sept. 9th-15th. Our airdrop campaigns and bounties will be distributed shortly after IEO concludes.
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We will be making announcements on Monday morning. Stay tuned!.
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We will be making announcements on end of IEO on LATOKEN by end of next week as most of our team is currently located in Florida and preparing for Hurricane Dorian.
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looks like needs a better supply chain management system in place. We would be happy to help and show them a better process so their end consumers are happy with their end product.
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Last night we where at the Grand Opening of Airtab Headquarters!. We had a great time.
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This is exactly one of the issues we are strongly working to prevent in the alcoholic beverages industry. Know what you are ingesting.
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The first of its kind, Volum has created a blockchain-based platform integrating smart contract functionality, embedded soft AI, and significant IoT capabilities designed to simplify and improve the administrative complexity of supply chain operations.
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Our blockchain platform utilizes several advanced technologies tailored toward simplifying and augmenting supply chain management. You will be able to onboard your company in the coming months, to find out more visit
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This week’s blog post looked into how utility tokens - such as the multitfunctional VLM - are contributing to moving the blockchain industry forward
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Our IEO on is live! 🚀🚀 Participate today:
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As more businesses adopt the Volum platform, the VLM token will rise in functionality and value. Designed to streamline supply chain operations, the VLM token is destined for great things.
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Feeding an ecosystem of businesses spanning a wide range of industries, the VLM token is native to the Volum platform and can be used by all aspects of the supply chain management field. Find out how your business can benefit
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We just posted "How Mutli-Functional Utility Tokens Are Changing The Game Entirely". Read the full piece here:
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Volum’s platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and will be fully capable of executing smart contracts. Did you know that the VLM token is capable of operating functions like delivery/parcel tracking, IoT monitoring and reporting and big data analytics?
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Our main focus is to provide an ecosystem for amplifying the success of promising supply chain management companies. Currently we have five companies onboard, watch this space as we incorporate more...
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