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Laura Ingraham
President needs to say THIS in every speech. We know and will NOT tell you this COVID truth.
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Angie Sep 23
I haven't heard one pro life supporter say that old people are expendable but I have seen governors send infected older people back to their nursing homes to infect other vulnerable older people, oh and it led to some deaths.
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David Weissman Sep 23
Journalists needs to ask the President and right wing pundits like yourself why you lie to the people about the seriousness about . I am amazed you haven't been sued yet.
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Debbie Baril Sep 24
I've had covid, my husband has had covid, I have friends from all over the country with covid; none have died. I do have friends who have relapsed because their NA, AA meeting are canceled. Even one who killed themselves after losing their supporters.
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Emancipation Proclamator Sep 23
Sad day that a disease with multiple lasting effects including blot clots, brain infection, scarred lungs, heart muscle scarring, strokes, seizures and increases in Parkinson and alzheimers disease is solely judged, by the right, on morbidity.
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TXJR02 Sep 23
It's a virus, not a disease. Those are 2 totally different things.
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Lisa Hellman Sep 23
Did I miss something here? This is good news? Death is death! Every death is a person (grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt, cousin, uncle, friend).
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JayAy Sep 23
So tell me again why we can’t go back to normal and high at risk folks take THEIR OWN PRECAUTIONS??????? This is utter insanity.
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MaWa Sep 23
Because not all carriers know they have the virus. You’d think Americans would care more about one another. Wearing a mask and keeping a distance is not asking that much. Not like getting drafted and heading off to do combat like many of those who are now vulnerable did.
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