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Myles Morgan
The Senate is now not so sure it's okay to be white. Most senators now dismissing the motion apart from the One Nation team and Fraser Anning
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Urge 15 Oct 18
Isn’t there some real work to do? Senate inquiries into Roberts; Joyce ‘expenses’ ? Eradicating discriminatory pieces of legislation; Senate Committee on climate change? Pay increases for all on social welfare programs & oap s? Stop gaslighting and govern.
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ramona quazzola 16 Oct 18
It is not going to make what they did go away.
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Yasir khan 15 Oct 18
Replying to @ImMylesMorgan @SBSNews
Rest assured! It is ok to be white! what matters is if it should be ok to be otherwise!!!
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Joyce Capewell 15 Oct 18
🤣🤣🤣The 'mad mess mockery' hypocritical conduct coming from the childlike confused colonial white supremacists within the Aussie colonial circus political arena is beyond mind-boggling.
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