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Can not wait to see this!
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Blessing Akpan 6h
I will be working with 6 teen from Nigeria to record a talk, sharing stories of from their point of view, which would be aired on one of 's innovations, XtalkdWORLDListens () Do you want your teen on this? Let me know.
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Teach A Man To Fish 9h
We have helped teachers to be more since 2006 through our programmes. During the pandemic, we will continue to do so through a new series of webinars, available to all teachers around the world.
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RITE Education 9h
A freshly released collection of innovations, including free tools & resources to support teaching & learning at home and online, by in collaboration with
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Nathan Strenge 8h
Interested in a conversation on education transformation? hosts with collaborators from , , , , , and more! Special intro from today at noon ET.
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Alex Bell FRSA FCCT- Director, Portland Education Mar 27
COVID 19 - HOW TO SURVIVE QUARANTINE & PROTECT KIDS MENTAL HEALTH. Genuinely useful advice from 13 year olds in Vietnam who have lived through this. Please share this authentic CHILD TO CHILD ADVICE.
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Luciana Pölönen 9h
Thank you for the opportunity! You guys should check our manual for educators all over the world to run hybrid online classes. available worldwide.
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Gregg Behr 9h
Thank you for curating actionable examples of what’s possible and for elevating big ideas about what we must do
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Learnit 9h
Replying to @HundrEDorg
Thanks for hosting such an engaging and useful discussion!
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Prince Folorunsho Adegoke 10h
Thank you for hosting us...It was an exciting time. The need for best practices, technology and innovations in education cannot be overemphasized at this time of lockdown across the globe.
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In a matter of 7 days we received 102 submissions from worldwide offering to challenges raised by . 30 solutions selected, our work is not done.. we are just getting started!
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Amanullah Saand 10h
Shout-out to and team for the wonderful meeting online to announce Global . Good to see on board to connect, collaborate and share wonderful resources in these hard times of global pandemic.
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Chatta Club 10h
Thank you for hosting today’s global conversation and collaboration. HundrED is such a strong and united community with a clear vision and voice.
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Prince Folorunsho Adegoke 10h
It was a great opportunity to connect with global changemakers in education with ⁦⁩ Ambassadors! A big thank you to ⁩ for the leadership and innovation!
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Megan Grieco 👩🏻‍🏫 11h
Thank you for hosting such an incredible meeting with from around the world to discuss for , , and as we !
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Nathan Strenge 12h
What an opportunity to connect with global changemakers in education with ⁦⁩ Ambassadors! Thanks ⁦⁩ for your leadership and organization!
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We hosted a global call for 150 innovators, ambassadors, and other community stakeholders to discuss our current realities and brainstorm on collective solutions. Thank you everyone for joining the call!
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POWER99 Foundation, in collaboration with its partner organisation, The Communicators (Pvt.) Limited, is launching a distance learning initiative for children to ensure continuity of educational processes at home during coronavirus pandemic. Learn more.
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