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House Foreign Affairs GOP
LR : “Sergei Magnitsky was unjustly detained, tortured, & subsequently died fighting to expose the Kremlin’s corruption. On the 10th anniversary of his death, we are reminded that thousands of political prisoners remain wrongfully jailed by authoritarian regimes.”
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House Foreign Affairs GOP Nov 16
Replying to @HouseForeignGOP
“I am proud to support the Global Magnitsky Act in Congress, one of our most powerful tools to sanction the world’s leading human rights violators. We must continue our work to secure the release of political prisoners in Russia and around the world.”
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Maggie@ Nov 16
【S.O.S from HK】 Today,HK Police attacked 3 Universities & this is the 4th Universities within 1 week. At this moment, HK Police is attacking the Polytechnic University of HK & we don't know what's order from CCP gave to HK Police? Pls save our youth.
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Bernd Brauer Nov 16
Perhaps trump can ask his COMRADE PUTIN, for a favor though. It seems only fitting that PUTIN does this, because of all the Beautiful things trump does for him on a daily basis
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mookie 😷 Nov 16
need Magnitsky’s Act around the globe right now!
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Rhonda Nov 16
Let’s start right here in our Oval Office shall we?
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Oh Really... 🇺🇸 #Vote Nov 16
Including Reality Winner.
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Enough is Enough--Country over party!!! Nov 16
What ever u motherfuckers help Putin everyday by kissing Trump's ass.
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The Blooch Nov 16
BRING HOME ROBERT LEVINSON !!!!!!!!!!! Or nuke the bastards.
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