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Michael Hols
How are the Solar Shingles coming along? Is there an ETA? Hoping my roof survives till then.
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Elon Musk 24 Mar 17
Replying to @HolsMichael
Start taking orders in April
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Michael Hols 24 Mar 17
Replying to @elonmusk
will they hold up to Midwest weather? I.e. hail
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Recite Social 24 Mar 17
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Stearns 24 Mar 17
Replying to @HolsMichael @elonmusk
Yeah, me too! Raccoons are taking advantage of poor shingle condition and digging around for entryways to attic...!
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Martin Andreas Kruse 30 Mar 17
Tesla/SolarCity have no idea right now, as they haven't begun taking orders and demand
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