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Confirmed: Fenrir is the next god... getting buffed.
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Flareb00t 19 Jun 14
Is it Krett's suggestion? I hope it is.
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Sonicherois 19 Jun 14
Fenrir? Hm.. I'm not a Fenrir player, but it seems he'll be bit of a nuisance (depends on the buff that is)
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Batias_Vacant 19 Jun 14
Buffing Fenrir!? As a rank 6 Fenrir I can honestly say "WHAT!?". Hope it's a small buff. Minuscule, even.
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DabrickshawBuckshank 19 Jun 14
Brutalize aoe all the time?
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Geoffrey Paschal 19 Jun 14
please tell me you're kidding, 'cause this ain't funny :/. Fenrir is not underpowered, and needs no buffs XD.
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Tyger 21 Jun 14
inb4 people complain of OP Fenrir. He's my main, and buff wasn't needed. Will take advantage till they nerf
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HirezScott 21 Jun 14
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