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Herman Mashaba
I apologise most sincerely to our residents for my comments relating to the meat also presenting a potential risk of an ebola outbreak.
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Youth encane 14 Nov 18
Why are you apologizing?😳 Please don't expect for everyone to agree with you. The state of our SA cities is appauling and Mayors like yourself is what is needed. Majority of so called activists don't even use the CBD. We need more interventions
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Sam Thee Stallion 14 Nov 18
Except afterwards he turned the issue to be xenophobic. Ebola is not even transmitted through food but is airborne. But because the culprit was a foreigner, he mentioned Ebola. grossly Xenophobic.
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Gregory Harington 14 Nov 18
Those who do nothing make no mistakes.
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stan 14 Nov 18
Yes like in tshwane bosman station its so dirty there no inspectors going to make those food trades comply with simple hygiene it’s even stinking the TMPD officials buy food there
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#MyVoteIs4EFF 14 Nov 18
Replying to @HermanMashaba
Our only hope for a better future. A party of the People...By the People...for the People and With the People
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Hon Nthabi 14 Nov 18
But also. The Mayor was actually correct
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PastorTebogo Malatji 14 Nov 18
Replying to @JCos01 @HermanMashaba
Then we have those pushing trolleys with rubbish obstructing traffic.We need to instill a culture of respect to the rule of law!
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#TheMessiahsHeart 14 Nov 18
Lol, oetshabe . They got the Mayor apologizing like he belongs to them.
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Abo Demi Demi 14 Nov 18
Why are you attributing his apology to the EFF when there was a huge outcry by various numbers of people especially on this platform,I’m no EFF hater but you giving them too much credit for it...but hey!
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