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Rory Turnbull 1 Jan 19
Hello, I'm a professor in a movie, I only reach the main point of my lecture right as class is ending. Then I yell at students about the reading / homework as they leave.
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Henningham Family Press
I'm a detective in a movie who needs to ask you, a professor in a movie, a few questions. I arrive at your class just as you make your point, a bell rings, and you yell at your students about their reading/homework. A student clutches a binder to her chest and glances up at me.
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Jeremy Noel-Tod 2 Jan 19
Next, you wander abstractedly up to the blackboard and brood upon its chalky scribbles for a few seconds, before turning to begin the interrogation with a seemingly casual observation.
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Jon Stone 2 Jan 19
What's up, detective-in-a-movie. It's your faithful sidekick, ringing you just as you end your interview with professor-in-a-movie. You'd better get here fast because there's something you should see, though I'm not going to tell you what it is over the phone.
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