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The Human Sciences Research Council HSRC conducts policy-relevant, social-science projects for the public-sector, NGOs & international development agencies.
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SHLC May 24
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PAN Network May 24
New! Public seminar on "Perception of corruption and the 2019 elections" with & . Mon 3 June. venues in Tshwane, eThekwini & Cape Town. RSVP now to
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Listen to this Mediated Conversation: Lack of transformation in higher education on SAfm. The co-author of the new book "Black Academic Voices" Prof Katijah Khoza-Shabangu is one of the panelists interviewed in this SAfm podcast
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Garth Williams May 23
Have a look at the HSRC’s website as well. If there is interest I can connect you. Mail me on garth dot williams at tia dot org dot za.
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NHC South Africa May 24
Africa Day celebration in partnership with to remember and reflect on African solidarity for the development of the continent.
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Malindrish May 24
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#Africa_eNCA May 23
[WATCH] Top stories from across the continent. And, is Pan-Africanism still relevant? We speak to 's Professor Cheryl Hendricks on this political ideology and its role in the 21st century.
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Let's celebrate : HSRC's invites members of the media to the 2019 Africa Day Expo at Freedom Park, Friday 24 May 2019, part of the continent-wide Africa Month commemoration
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WRC May 22
Distinguished panel deliberating on Pan Africanism for the 21st Century at the 2019 AURC, Prof Ntsebeza, Dr Aidoo, Prof Sesanti, Prof Muchie and Ms Pheko
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Is Pan Africanism still relevant? Unisa's Prof Simphiwe Sesanti speaks to 's Songezo Mabece
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Taslima May 22
Africa seeing a downturn in democracy says leading African scholar Prof Bathily. He says the despite Africans seeking participatory democracy, this has not been the case. The AURC 2019 event is being hosted by in partnership .
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Africa Institute SA May 22
Follow the live conversation of the 2019 African Unity for Renaissance Conference on our YouTube channel: .
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Shuvai Busuman May 22
Prof is about a shared (mutual) sense of a future Africa & collective responsibility to make that future happen
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Shuvai Busuman May 22
Prof has always been about alternative economic &political trajectories for African people - how we develop this continent, give it a better life & how we do that through all it's people, not just its leaders
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JL Communications 🇿🇦 May 20
Mmm...institutional science communicators also communicate science or health info because they care about the public and they want to add value to explaining complex ideas -at least I did at my time at the &
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CeSTII May 21
This week CeSTII's Dr Il-haam Petersen is Sussex UK participating in 'Journey Through Transformative Innovation Policy' & deepening SA policy knowledge networks & international collaboration.
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Wendy Landau May 21
Replying to @HSRCza @CoEHuman and 3 others
3/3 Interestingly it refers to female same-sex parents & seems silent on male same-sex parents, maybe because of the parameters of the study's research data Find the SA research funded by & published by
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Pan Africanism, Peace and Security, Sustainable Development and Science and Technology will take centre stage at this year's African Unity for Renaissance Conference
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The Department of Science and Technology, its entity the Human Sciences Research Council , and Freedom Park will mark Africa Month by hosting the 2019 African Unity for Renaissance Conference in Pretoria from 22 to 23 May.
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